Aloha mai – who and what we are

Welcome to LGBTQ Resources Hawaii. This site is for you – as providers, allies, supporters, advocates and community members – to discuss and access a variety of resources, engage in pertinent and valuable discussions, push the boundaries of your own comfort zones  and connect with others.

In May 2015, Hawaii’s family court hosted a one-day conference for human service providers for Hawaii’s local LGBTQ youth populations, coordinated by Ms. Jo Chang. Jo had approached me to see if I’d be willing to help create an accessible and dynamic resource cache that providers and community members could depend upon. I was honored that Jo had asked – but then I was overwhelmed with the what if’s?, why me?, how can this be helpful? doubts that inevitably crept into my mind. Pushing all of those critical voices aside, I created this space that, we hope, will become a valuable tool and connection hub for anyone that is part of or interested in serving and supporting Hawaii’s LGBTQ community.


Time and again, research has supported the importance of building community through personal engagement and interaction; therefore, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.
My name is Lisa Seese-Paterson. Born and raised in Kailua, O’ahu,  life has taken me down a variety of paths that led me to the mainland for a bit before finding my way home to Hawaii where I am now settled with my wife and our young son. In 2014 I left my career in higher education student affairs to pursue my next career chapter as a secondary English Language Arts teacher. I continue to work and serve in our local community as a family and diversity educator. For those moments when I am not writing, reading, learning or teaching, I entertain myself and loved ones by cooking, crocheting and daydreaming.

As one-half of a bi-national, same-sex couple raising our son within our local community, I’ve dedicated myself to building bridges between people and groups as well as creating and cultivating safe spaces for anyone and everyone to jump into conversations, ask tough questions or simply explore their own understanding and personal development about the LGBTQ community. Our family has personally experienced and witnessed the challenges and joys of being a diverse ‘ohana within Hawaii. These past four years have been a particularly emotional and amazing era in LGBTQ rights to be present and involved in, but what is even more exciting for us as LGBTQ women, mamas and educators is how the experience of LGBTQ families and our children will be impacted in the future.

This site will be guided and advised by a team of individuals who are dedicated to making our communities welcoming and inclusive. As time goes on, this site will be bringing you dynamic and informational content including:

  • People Profiles: community is built through engagement and engagement is most successful when you get to know others. These profiles will introduce community members within the LGBTQA community and those who serve and support our community.
  • Organization Profiles: there are so many local organizations that are committed to supporting and serving the LGBTQ community in big and small ways. As with the People Profiles, we will be offering you glimpses and insight into the who, what and why of these local groups that are on the front lines and doing such amazing work.
  • Resource Shares: at times it can be a daunting task to wade through the ocean of informational resources that exist. We’ll do our best to share resources that have proven valuable, that may be of interest, explore best practices or recent research and informational knowledge.
  • Personal Stories: one of the most profound tools that allow for community building and understanding is the power of personal stories. We all posses millions of stories that, when shared, can help us to connect and embrace one another as a fellow person rather than a foreign identity.
  • Multimedia Moments: another treasure trove of resource material can be found in the digital world. We want to highlight the content out there that may help all of us be better community members.

Coming Soon:

  • Comprehensive events calendar
  • Interactive message boards
  • Historical archive of the LGBTQ Hawaii community and experience

We have BIG hopes and exciting plans for this space. If you are interested in contributing ideas, sharing your stories and experiences, being profiled, or have any other comments or thoughts, please connect with us via email at lgbtresourceshawaii@gmail.com or use our “contact us” form.

Please join us as we support, celebrate and empower Hawaii’s LGBTQ community.