Family Support

Updated: April 2015
  • Gender Born, Gender Made – Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children Diane Ehrensaft, 2011. (Book)
  • Helping Your Transgender Teen – A Guide for Parents Irwin Krieger, 2011. (Book)
  • “Our Daughters And Sons – Questions and Answers For Parents Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth and Adults,” PFLAG (Resource Booklet)
  • Resources for professionals and families, such as how-to guides, research, training materials, and other tools to create inclusive environments to support children, youth, and parents Gender Spectrum (Various Resources)
  • The Transgender Child – A Handbook for Families and Professionals Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper, 2008 (Book)
  • “This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids – A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life” Dannielle Owens-Reid & Kristin Russo, 2014. (Book)
  • Two Spirits, One Heart – A Mother, Her Transgender Son, and Their Journey to Love and Acceptance Marsha Aizumi with Aiden Aizumi, 2012 (Book)

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